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What are the various physical designing courses in Bangalore?

Engineering is very common among Indian students. Every Indian parent either wants their kids to be doctors or engineers. But most students fail to choose their career according to their choice even in Engineering. Like you may know that there are various types of engineering and various fields in engineering including VLSI designing about which we talked earlier. So now that you know VLSI designing is a course that engineering students opt who are interested in things like semiconductor and designing. But do you know what physical designing is? What are the various things involved in physical designing? Who chooses physical designing and who can opt for it? Let me now discuss each one of these in detail.

What is physical designing?

It is basically a type of system design which involves graphic illustration and represents external and internal entities of the system basically with the help of the two and fro data. Now if you don't know what is external entity and what is internal entity let me now tell you what these terms. Well, the meanings of these terms are not at all difficult to understand and let's see what they mean.

External entity:  An entity which is exterior to the system is known as external entity.

Internal Entity: As its name indicates an internal entity is actually present inside the system where both the entities that are the external and internal entities can convert data. The physical design engineersare very hard working. Actually the term physical design is basically related to both the systems that is the input and output system. Physical designing involves how input data is provided to the system and also how the output data is displayed. Or simply you can say physical designing can be easily transferred into following three subtasks.

1. User–Interface designing step.
2. Data designing step.
3. Process designing step.

Let us now discuss each of the following tasks in a bit detail.

1.      User interface designing step: First and foremost you need to know what is user interface designing and what are its important aspects? What this step involves? Let us now discuss each. This step generally involves user information and also concerns about the steps taken by user to add information to the system and also how the system gives the information back to the user.

2.      Data designing step: Another important sub category involved in physical designing is data designing step. This step basically concerns about how data is represented. It also deals with how it is stored in the system.

3.      Process designing: Last but not the least step involved in physical designing is of course process designing. And this step also concerns about something. What? This step concerns about whether the data traverses through the system and how? It deals with how the data is validated transformed, and secured as it run in and out of the system.


This was physical designing and there are various physical design courses in Bangalore. You can choose whatever course and institutions you want to.

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