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How VoIP call recording can help to develop your staff

Skilled staff are central to the success of any business, and helping your employees to acquire and develop new capabilities has advantages for everyone involved. For sales staff in particular, helping them understanding what works and what doesn’t when calling customers is vital for strong performance.

Practical tool for learning

With VoIP technology, it is easy to record both incoming and outgoing calls, which can then be listened to for constructive feedback that will boost productivity. Call recording must be conducted ethically, and the parties involved must be informed and give consent. By monitoring calls and how staff conduct them, they can learn which parts of the call were effective and how challenges could be addressed.

Training staff can help them become better employees, but slotting training into a busy business day can be a challenge, too. For more tips on efficient ways of organising training for your staff, see this report in The Guardian.

Examples from real life

Another benefit of analysing call recordings is that the exchanges feature real-life situations dealing with real people. No amount of analysing theoretical scenarios from a text book will prepare employees for tactfully dealing with a cranky customer like listening to how it’s done.

The importance of engaging with customers meaningfully cannot be underestimated. With many products, high levels of customer service are expected, and that means having employees who can respond in sensible and timely ways to customer questions or issues. In the event of a serious complaint, call recordings can also be useful in tracking how the issue was handled.

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Staff who handle all kinds of calls well are a business asset. Help them become an even more valuable part of your business by using VoIP recording to help them analyse and improve their performance when dealing with clients.

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