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The use of machine learning is widespread, one of the most seen examples would be, news feed on your social media networks is personalised to each user.

 The software will use the statistical approach for analysing the way the user responds to one kind of information and the system will feed the user with the related information by linking it to the previous seen or pondered data that was for the user to see or listen to. This can also be called a predictive analysis of what the data will be if you would want to know more on the related information. Make use of machine learning software.

How helpful machine learning is

This helps the system identify patterns in the way the user views data on his/her page and accordingly provide the related patterns of data and feed them on to the user’s page. If the user will not want to see more on the related data, the system will adjust accordingly and move on the next thing that the user has turned to. Machine learning now moved other areas too such as enterprise apps. 

There now Customer relationship management systems in place where in the system will analyse the customer email and if the mail needs to human intervention then it sent to the concerned department, but regular queries are answered with the help of data that is part of the learning and for effective responses. Previously messages would be prioritised and sent for human intervention on the basis of importance.

As advance systems have come into place which is also known as business intelligence better systems have taken over and they also respond with appropriate answers both in voice and text form. The systems are specifically trained and to pick out the vital data and respond accordingly. The machine learning is also applied on self-driving cars.

 There are special networks that are developed to identify any obstacle and the need to take action for keeping the vehicle without colliding with any object and drive following the rules of traffic. Learn to use machine learning software.

There is the virtual assistant that uses machine learning which help people with disabilities. The system built in learning models which interpret speech and use its context to the any work that it has to perform such make a schedule, the kind of preferences the user has, even take action with the user instruction such a book flight, order a meal or contact the doctor etc.

The different kinds of machine learning

There are different classes of machine learning and all this a in depth study which is still being researched. The subject of machine learning is vast and complex. The prediction are usually made by the system when data is analysed by the help of
-          Decision trees
-          K-means clustering
-          Neural networks
-          Reinforcement learning

Certain paths that are taken through observations that are made by the system to get a certain outcome from the with given variables of data that is provided. The specific number of grouping that can be made will help the system to predict the outcome.

 Neural networks as mentioned are trained with the data and they use this information to correlate and come to a decision or outcome. The process going over the data again and again to get the desired output through trial and error is how the reinforcement learning  works.

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