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What Factors Determine The Cost Of Your Mexican Auto Insurance

 You might not be aware of the fact that when you are entering in Mexico, your American auto insurance is not valid south of the border. It is so because Mexican authorities do not recognize the auto insurance from U.S or Canada, even in the states which are nearby to Phoenix. It is very important that you buy the Mexican auto insurance which can provide you coverage in case of an accident. You will be protected against any mishap or loss that can happen during your travel. If you are traveling to Mexico and you do not carry Mexican auto insurance, you can get in trouble with the Mexican authorities.

Now you might be wondering what that how much your Mexican auto insurance cost:

Cost of Mexican auto insurance:

There are many factors on which the cost of your Mexican auto insurance depends. The factors like length of your stay, the cost of the vehicle, the liability limit will decide the cost of the insurance policy. You can purchase your Mexican auto insurance for daily, weekly, or annually. It is more useful to buy a six months insurance or an annual plan, even if you are going for 25 to 27 days. It is strongly advised to check all your options while deciding which plan will benefit you the most.

Factors affecting the cost of the insurance:

There is a list of the factors which that are taken into consideration by the insurers which will determine the cost of your insurance. The factors are listed below:

1-) For how much time you are going to stay in Mexico.

2-) The Destination in Mexico

3-) The cost or value of your vehicle

4-) The model and make of your Vehicle.

5-) Driving record

6-) The coverage type

What is covered by the Mexican auto insurance?

The Mexican auto insurance does not provide the regular coverage like a U.S. Auto Insurance policy. Only a list of things that are mentioned in the insurance will be covered in case of an accident.

The five things which are covered under the standard Mexican auto insurance:

1-) Total theft and fire

2-) Medical expenses

3-) Collision and glass breakage

4-) Bodily injuries liability

5-) Liability of property damage

The cost will be higher if the duration of your stay is longer. You have to pay a higher premium for a longer duration as well. But the person can buy an annual plan if he or she wishes to stay longer and can get a huge discount as well.

If you are trying to enter Mexico with a leased car, you have to take the permission from the leasing company; otherwise you will not be allowed to enter in Mexico. Do not let this fact surprise you. Also, purchase an affidavit if your car is leased and buy the insurance online.

How can you buy the Mexican auto insurance online:

There are two options when it comes to buying the Mexican auto insurance. The first one is that you can buy it in the same way you bought your car through online from a reliable company like Smart Gringo or you can have it on the border itself. Normally, the cost of the Mexican Insurance will be more if you purchase it at the border. So buy it online.

If you are also looking to buy the Mexican auto insurance online, you can buy it at Smart Gringo and get to know more about the cost and the terms like Mexican auto insurance AAA.

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