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Prepare for GRE at a Minimum Cost

Do you dream of studying in the world’s best institutions? Are you looking for pursuing a post-grad course or a doctorate degree from the top universities? Then, you are at the right place! As you know to study in the world’s best institutes, having a good score in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is essential. The courses of the institutions are expensive and extremely difficult to bear for the majority of us coming from the developing nation’s economy. Therefore, a good score in GRE means you will get a good scholarship amount from various funds as well as the institute and can finally live your dream!

To score well in the GRE, you can enrol in any of the preparation centres or coaching institutes who will train you thoroughly and help you achieve a good score in GRE. To score well, you need to individually score high in all the three sections of GRE. The two sections of GRE (Verbal Reasoning and Writing Analysis) will assess your command over the English Language and will also test your vocabulary. You need to listen, speak and write in English through various descriptive essays to prove your proficiency.

The GRE prep centres will thoroughly guide you throughout your course till the time you get admitted into the University of your Choice. They will help you with all the necessary study materials starting from books, pdf, and lecture videos to journals and articles which will help you to prepare the best for your final GRE. They will also provide you with two faculties who will help you to excel in Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning respectively. The prep centres also conduct workshops where along with other aspirants you can brainstorm and give ideas which will help you to learn more about your subject.

Other than all of these, you also get exposed to various mock tests and assessments which helps you to judge how well you are prepared. You get an idea regarding the question pattern and learn the skill of time management effectively. You also befriend the various tools which you need to access online so that no extra time gets wasted trying to figure them out in the final exam.
To prepare for GRE, there are various courses which you can avail. You might be studying currently and pursuing a degree, but you also want to start your GRE preparation. So, based according to your time and convenience you can choose courses which are of varying cost.

The different GRE coaching cost for different courses are as follows.

1.    If you well available and you want to prepare for GRE in maximum 90 days, then opt for a 3 months course which will cost around Rupees 10,000.

2.    A 4 months course is priced around Rupees 16,000.

3.    If you want to prepare gradually, you can opt for a 6-month course which costs Rupees 18,000.

4.    If you want an in-depth extensive course of GRE, opt for 9 months course which will cost approximately Rupees 20,000.

Fast-track courses of 15 days and 1 month are available at Rupees 4,000 and Rupees 18,000 respectively. Quick prep classes of 2 months will cost you Rupees 10,000. 

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