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Ready to climb a 5 step ladder towards media coverage?

Whichever field you belong to, you need media coverage to go half way towards the goal. You must be one of those people who have their press releases all set to be sent to media outlets but don’t know from where to start. Setting your foot in media departments might be tacky in the beginning only if you don’t take proper measurements. If you take accurately measured steps you will see how your content reaches the editor’s table. The problem is that almost everyone wants to garb media’s attention in one way or another. In this saturated environment, it has become difficult to filter the extras and reach the deserving person.

Newswirenext ( presents you five steps which will take you straight under the spot light.
  1. Intriguing story: A catchy story which not only buys interest of media but also of the audience. A story is important because it gives you the fundamental pillar in a media outlet. You always need a base on to work on. And this story, which you must provide as soon as possible, is the platform which gives you an evolution. A story not only initiates your journey towards the attention marking journey but also after seeking attention it maintains it as well. Honestly, it is the story which stands out. It is the story which first catches attention and then helps you settle in.
  2. Mark milestones: Now that you have a story ready for your initiation. You must list down all the milestones that you have to achieve in the meantime. The media, after going through your story, might become interested in your goals. Come up with reasonable ideas which can catch generate interest among the media people and viewers. Strong but compatible strategies are always a bonus. People want to know how you carry out your goals with a compelling strategy and self-built confidence. Rely on your strategies.
  3. Beforehand connections with journalists: When don’t connections work? They always work. Keep a good connection with people from media outlets. Their influence can help you avoid hassle. With a helping hand from them you will not need to keep dragging your feet from one place to another. Their connections will keep you safe and your position won’t be dubious. After all, it is their influence that works everywhere. Your friend might pick one of his inside connections or call a friend and in a wink of eye all is done. Make sure you make a right connection according to your work. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.
  4. Built an appealing layout: If you look at your work with media’s perspective, your work must look exceptionally exciting and thrilling. If it is not, then you need to work on it. Give your work a tempting layout. A layout should attract viewers and readers and make engage them in your work. This will give you a rise on platform and even before you get noticed by media you will have a strong fan following. After the media picks up your name you will have sufficient material to share with them.
  5. And get done with the deal: Now it is the time where you approach writers and bloggers. Your work might not be ‘famous’ enough for them to cover. If they deny, don’t back off. Keep on working. Begin from newbies or ‘connections’. They will surely help you out.

When it comes to media attention, these five points help you buy enough attention to last long. These do not require any hassles or extra perfection. Follow them carefully and the results yourself. The starting might be complicated but once you get started, go with the flow.

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