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Easily Apply For Vehicle Insurance

We are in an era where a lot of people are using online platforms to buy different types of product and services. Everything is bought online today, right from your home television to your mobile phones.

If applying for online passport is an easy process then why not online vehicle insurance? Yes, most of the vehicle insurance companies in India have their online presence which makes buying or renewing process a breeze.

However, not all online portals are worth a shot. There are a couple of things one must keep in mind while buying an online vehicle insurance. This read will help you know how online vehicle insurance is the most effortless way to buy insurance.

Following are the benefits of buying vehicle insurance online
  1. Quick and convenientMost of our past generation has spent days calling up insurers to get the premium quotes and get the policy document. However, with online vehicle insurance, you can quickly compare quotes online, zero in on the policy that you think is the best for you and buy the policy in a few, easy steps.
  2. Comparison of quotes is easyBefore buying your vehicle insurance, you can look for the quotes offered by different insurance companies to find one that suits your requirements. This will certainly allow you to compare the different policies and choose one that suits your requirement as well as your budget. In broader sense, comparing insurance online is the key to finding right vehicle insurance for yourself.
  3. Policy issuance is instant onlineWith the online route, one can get instant policies. It gives you the benefit of digitally signed policies. So, you no more have to run behind a vehicle insurance agent to get your vehicle insured.
  4. Reviewing insurance companies and their policiesThe most effectual benefit of buying vehicle insurance online is that it allows you to review the different policies of various insurance companies. There are many websites who have their social media, or customer testimonials which allow you to review and understand about the company and policy before buying.
  5. Access to policy documentsOne can access their digitally signed online vehicle insurance copies anytime without having to rush to the insurer or the agent.
The Need for a Vehicle Insurance
With Indian Laws going strict and rigid these days, where there is no escaping from the surveillance cameras and e-challans. It is compulsory to have a vehicle Insurance not only because they are mandated by law, but also because it protects you and your vehicle in India. Vehicle insurance is needed for the following reasons:
  1. Pays for your and others damagesYour vehicle is your esteemed possession and especially if it’s an expensive one, any damages to it would cost you a bomb. Accidents may happen due to your or someone else’s negligence. There are several instances like your vehicle might collide with another, or a cricket ball might crack your windshield etc. Your vehicle insurance may pay for all.
  2. Helps to reduce your liabilitySince the third-party liability policy is mandated in India, it covers you against all legal ramifications of an accident caused by you. For instance, in case you cause an accident that results in damages to another person’s property or death/injuries to another driver/pedestrian, the insurance company will take care of the treatment part and save you from the legal repercussions.
  3. Compensates your family after your demiseYour vehicle insurance will compensate in case of an uncertain eventuality like a road accident, which causes the car owner’s demise or the demise of the breadwinner of the family.
  4. Ought to get most cost-effective deals when purchased onlineThe most important aspect of buying a vehicle insurance online is that they are available in cheaper options. This is simply because the insurance companies have lower operating costs when transacting over the internet.
  5. Will keep you at peace 24x7Keeping your vehicle insurance handy all the time, will give you the assurance that you are financially covered all the time.
Find Great Discounts and Offers on Vehicle Insurance
Where else will you find off season discount for clothes, electronics or insurance? Of course, the online store remains the undisputed king. Not only does it provide great offers and discounts but also offers additional services like post sales assistance or claims assistance. A broker website like will offer exciting discounts, offers, etc. But, in addition to that, it will also offer claims and post sales services.
Thus, online application for vehicle insurance is the best way to find a tailor-made policy for yourself.

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