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Here is what you all need to know about Lowest brokerage

If you are looking to invest somewhere and searching for the best brokers then you are at right place.  You would be desperate to know about per trade charge and what is the whole process so, I am going to share some relevant information about this which would be helpful for to choose a cheap broker and making a strategy to open a Demat account.

First of all, the charges vary and isn’t the same for all the brokers they are charging per trade, and the important thing to consider is the transaction charges which not every broker is taking is same amount.

Both the charges would be charged on the per crore basis. The charges and rates differ by the trading segments and exchange.

Here are some of the best brokers you can consider to open a Demat account:

 1. Wisdom Capital- It is being a top broker of India and ultimate source of all the requirements one can expect. It is offering the best online and offline trading plans across the platform in stocks, cross platforms, future and options, Currency exchange on NSE, BSE, Commodity exchange on MCX and NCDEX.

It is offering three suitable plans according to your requirement. The zero brokerage plans would allow you to trade unlimited in the online platform without the charges. The whole concept is to encourage investment in the free investment zone.

Here are some add-on plans of Wisdom Capital:

Lifetime Freedom Plans- In this plan you can trade freely without any charges for the lifetime of NSE/BSE stocks, commodity online trading at NCDEX/MCX, future and options in all the segments. In a true sense, Lowest brokerage charges are 0% brokerage charge. There is no extra fee for anything. The demat account and trading account opening are also free.

Pro Plans – This plan is mainly designed for the Professional Traders who need higher intraday margins on every transaction and some advance margin tools.

Ultimate Plan – It is mainly designed to get the higher margins on the intraday trading and delivery.

About Wisdom Capital
Wisdom Capital is the finest broking and financial services platform in India and it is at the top in the services with the minimum cost. They provide services low-cost trading plans, portfolio management, and financial arrangements and so on, They have professional staffs working in the financial market for many years. They invest after doing proper research on the market with the help of various research tools.

There are the others you can consider:

Pro Stock –Charges on NSE
  • RS 325/Crore Delivery
  • RS 325/Crore Intraday
  • RS 190/Crore Future
  • RS 5000/Crore Option
  • RS 4000/Crore Currency Option
  • RS 100/Crore Currency Future
Zerodha – Charges on NSE
  • RS 325/Crore Delivery
  • RS 325/Crore Intraday
  • RS 210/Crore Future
  • RS 5400/Crore Option
These are the best brokerage options for you. You can select from their number of availability according to requirement. They all provide offline and online trading services. You can apply online to open a Demat account or you can visit your nearest branch.       

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